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  Obsessing Over Youth  


A brief glimpse into the life of Elizabeth Bathory, Blood Countess of Transylvania

Born in 1560, Elizabeth Bathory became the most notorious member of a family which produced kings and generals. At the tender age of eleven, she was betrothed to Count Ferencz Nadasdy as part of a political strategy. At age fourteen, she gave birth to an illegitimate child that was given away. At fifteen she married the Count and began her life as a warrior’s wife, often being home alone at her chateau for months at a time with only servants and friends to keep her amused.

Many believe her love affair with torture came about as she watched her family deal with political enemies and later history realizes that the Iron Maiden should perhaps have been named the Iron Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was a lesbian and made little secret of her inclinations. She consorted with local witches and while visiting her aunt, the Countess Karla Bathory, she became obsessed with young girls with large breasts. Thorko, a servant in her employ, taught her the ways of the black arts and pushed her to the limits of sadistic desire. She commanded her servants procure young women from neighboring villages, taking them down into her specially-devised torture chamber.

Her passions ranged from razors and the Iron Maiden, to biting deeply into the flesh of the young women, tasting their blood. She went beyond the extremes in her sexual and sadistic pleasures with the victims of her obsession. Stories of vampires riddled the land as more and more bloodless cut-up corpses were found.

As her youthful beauty waned, Elizabeth began fervently seeking cures to the lines and wrinkles settling on her face and throat. She went to extremes to find some way to stem the flow of age.

One evening, so the story goes, her young maid began dressing Elizabeth’s hair for dinner. The girl tangled the hair, pulling it. Elizabeth flew into a rage, striking the maid so hard her lip split. The blood from the girl’s wound splashed across Elizabeth’s face. In her twisted view, Elizabeth swore that after removing the blood, her skin had regained its youthful suppleness. And so began a new and invigorated reign of terror across Transylvania. The number of corpses mounted, both across the countryside and in Elizabeth’s torture chamber. Young and beautiful virgins were collected, drained of their blood a bath filled. Elizabeth bathed in its scarlet depths.

The body count grew. History believes well over 600 young maidens from the area and beyond were brought to Elizabeth during the years of her sadism and search for the fountain of youth. Blood ran thick from the fountain.

One of her teachers of the black arts told her that to further regain her young appearance, she must use the blood of nobility. This may have been where the end began. Elizabeth approached the local priest and commanded he bury a number of bloodless corpses in unmarked graves. The priest kept notes of the meeting and after his death, the notes were found by his successor.

Elizabeth was tried without being at her trial. Her teachers, the servants involved and her hirelings were beheaded for crimes of witchcraft, torture and murder.  She, however remained under guard until the courts found her guilty. Her noble lineage prevented her being tried for certain of her crimes.

The court ordered her walled into a tiny room in the Castle Csejthe. Her guards passed food through a tiny hole in the wall. She was fifty years old. Four years later, in 1614, Elizabeth Bathory, scourge of Transylvania was dead.


For more on the life of Elizabeth Bathory -

The true story of Erzsébet Báthory, who bore the psychotic aberrations of centuries of intermarriage. From adolescence she indulged in sadistic lesbian fantasies, moving toward mass murder to regain her lost youth.  Click here.

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