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Food and Sex - An Historical Glimpse

The aphrodisiac properties of certain foods have remained as such, down through history. With the ongoing argument between those who donít believe there is any such thing and those who do, it strikes me that perhaps the tales of these foods told through the ages is proof enough. A long shelf life seems to indicate there is some modicum of truth to these old foods for sex .

The foods that history has deemed a turn on range from nuts (no inference intended) and animal genitals (total inference intended). Now I donít know about the reading public, but a night of slippery, hot passion is NOT sufficient reason for me to consume another living thingís privates. Our scant but interesting list also includes things like onions and oysters (but of course). What would a list of sex food be without oysters? As Johan's Guide to Aphrodisiacs nicely points out, notice that aphrodisiac foods are generally the most expensive. It goes on to say that any lover who would go to the expense to feed you caviar may just tweak your libido with this show of love. Some of these foods you may not see as a sexual teaser and believe me, nor do I. Letís examine some of them and perhaps youíll be cooking dinner in a whole different frame of mind.

The French poet Paul Verlaine is said to have opened the absinthe craze in the bohemian subculture in France. An extract from the Wormwood plant, absinthe was seen as the exotic and erotic tonic of the era because of its tie with intellectuals and the art community. Thujon, an ingredient found in absinthe was commonly used in well measured doses for intestinal worms, but used as a beverage and consumed in quantity, the side effects can be devastating; including blindness and nerve injury.

Lately Absinthe has been gaining resurgence in gothic subcultures around North America. It is once again being distilled despite its illegality and health risks. It is seen as the drink of the Victorian era, although its use is France of the era was far more extensive. Outlawed there in 1915, it is now illegal in most European countries because of its high addictive properties and toxic constitution.

Onions are a common health remedy for ill health and a weak libido. Although, the foul breath problem may seem a factor, nevertheless onions have been cited from historical Hindu texts on the art of making love. They appear to be the most frequently used in ancient Greece. The Romans rarely ate them without being cooked and usually with meat and other foods. Onions chemically and nutritionally have marvelous health benefits, similar to garlic in their properties of benefit to constitution and blood strength. It would stand to reason that they were eaten and good health was the result and therefore more energy for lusty pursuits.

Oysters are the age old favorite. But today we know that any possible responses from oysters are found in other seafood as well. Seafood contains vitamins and minerals not often found in dry land foods. Nutrients that our bodies are often lacking, so a feel -good result is not uncommon. Add to that the non-stuffed feeling and most people find they have enough energy for a night of lust. According to Johanís guide, emperors used to pay for them by their weight in gold.

Pine nuts were considered by the Greeks to have libido benefits. Many of the middle eastern dishes include them as a garnish and flavor enhancer. High in natural vitamins, pine nuts are a healthful addition to any diet and that would result in more energy.

Asparagus was believed by the Greeks to have libido enhancing properties. ďQuensel states (1809) that asparagus turn men on but women off. Its main action is diuretic; the stimulating effect on the male genitals is a consequence of this.Ē Johanís Guide.

Foods producing apparent sexual response are plenty. The list is long. For a complete guide, visit - Johan's Guide to Aphrodisiacs. Sex Scrolls wishes to thank this guide for their information.


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