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Hippies and History

Sex and hippies, as subjects, naturally seem to go together.  Whether we're discussing nudity in general, uninhibited sex and more, a person can't think of hippies and not eventually turn his/her mind to free love and flower power.

Some history about hippies might help.  In our history there have been groups of nature worshippers, nudists, hippies, vegetarians, health conscious yoga stretching free love people, and all the cliché exchanges people make about hippies.


"The concept of "Free Love" as expressed by hippies, didn't just appear overnight. It's a philosophy with roots deep in human consciousness. It just needs a little encouragement to surface. And that encouragement appeared in the 1960s in the form of new knowledge about human sexuality, "the pill", psychedelic drugs, and a counter-culture which rejected the conservative ways and embraced individual freedom."

"The only unnatural sexual act is that which you cannot perform."       - Alfred Kinsey

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To revisit the long form history of hippies, read this incredibly informative page from the same site, quoted above.  The culmination of data on this topic here is mind boggling and can certainly change one's perception of the evolution of the hippy movement. It's a fantastic source.

Hippy Roots and the Perennial Subculture


With the idiotic notion that rock and roll promoted deviant sexual behaviour, "establishment" geezers let loose on the world of the flower child, all the hatred for the lack of initiative for freedom in their own lives.  Freud said that we get angry at that which we ourselves want. The movement of hippies in North America during the 60's and early 70's led the way for many of the new age and health movements we have today.

Nudism still lingers, bigger and more naked than ever.  Vegetarians still gather at the soy isle in the whole foods store, but today we have vegans too.  

You don't hear much about hippy sex anymore.  HIV and the unsafeness of it has left the idea of sexual freedom out in the cold without a condom.  Pairing off seems to have taken a decidedly sharp upturn for hippies of both the past and present, allowing the lifestyle and subculture aspects of being a hippy without jeopardizing their health.

The Summer of Love is over. We'll never see anything like that again.  Hopefully our future doesn't dim the light of Hippidom too much.

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